Terms of Use

Cliquesy Ltd Booking Terms of Use

Please read these Booking Terms and Conditions before you use the Cliquesy Booking Services, as these Booking Terms and Conditions will apply to using the Cliquesy services for booking. If, for any reason, you do not agree with these booking terms you must not use the Cliquesy services.


“Consumer” is the end user also known as the “customer” booking a service
“Partner” is also known as the business user who provides the services via the Cliquesy platform

Cliquesy services

1. Cliquesy grants consumers access to the Cliquesy partner website enabling the consumer & the partner to arrange an appointment. The partner has ownership of services to accept or decline the booking at any time.

2. All partner profiles are curated and developed by the partner and all services, images and opening times are all subject to what the partner has inputted at the time of creating their partner profile.

3. Cliquesy allows the consumer to view partner profiles and reserve booking times and leave reviews.

4. Cliquesy does not charge the consumer for any fees during the booking process.
Agreement between the consumer & Cliquesy Ltd on the use of the system

1. The consumer gains access to the Cliquesy website for use of booking services after agreeing to the terms & conditions.

2. The consumer gains access to the system after the registration period

3. The consumer is expected to acknowledge all terms of service and must enter all details truthfully at time of registration

4. All data entered is stored only by Cliquesy Ltd and is shared with the partner only

5. All data provided by the consumer will not be accessed by any third-party company

6. The consumer is responsible for the data they input into the system

7. Should the data the consumer has entered be incorrect the consumer is responsible for any misinformation

8. Cliquesy Ltd has the right to terminate any contract between the consumer and Cliquesy Ltd and The consumer & partner at any time.

Terms of service between the consumer & partner

1. Making a booking with the partner may be dependant on the deposit or prepayment

2. Information for a deposit may be made within the
booking process or via text delivered to the consumer with partner bank details.

3. Bank details sent to the consumer upon booking a service must not be shared with any third party.

4. Deposits & payments are solely dealt with between the consumer and partner

5. Cliquesy Ltd is not responsible for any payments lost due to dealings between the partner and consumer.

6. Failure to make a deposit with partners will result in no booking.

7. The consumer has the right to cancel an appointment at any time given the terms & conditions made by the partner

8. The customer is obliged to make a payment upon booking a service which is collected by a third party payment provider and deposited to the partners bank account.

No show protection & refunds policy

1. The partner has the right to access a “no show protection” feature within their partner profile

2. The partner has the right to reserve payment from the consumer should the consumer not attend the service appointment

3. A no show protection charge is solely dependent on the cost of which the partner has stated before booking

4. The consumer agree’s to the no show protection charge upon booking a service with the partner via the Cliquesy platform

5. All refunds are agreed and actioned between the partner and the consumer upon booking of services.

6. Cliquesy ARE NOT liable for any refunds between the partner and consumer

7. Cliquesy will not participate in any discussions of refunds between the partner and consumer

8. The consumer agrees to communicate with the partner with any concerns during paying a deposit / no show protection charge and refund policy.

Cliquesy rights

Cliquesy is not responsible for

1. Technical difficulties at the time of booking

2. Interruption with wifi connections

3. Damage of use caused by users third party rights

4. Damages caused by the consumers inability to accept contracts between Cliquesy Ltd and the partner

5. Cliquesy is entitled to disable features and functionality of the system at any time without informing the consumer

6. Any changes to the booking website will be posted on the Cliquesy website and social media channels