Cliquesy features

Business solutions that help you grow

  • Digital diary and calendar

    Allow Cliquesy to take care of all your appointments and avoid the endless DM’s and phone calls! Take complete control of your diary by choosing to accept and decline incoming appointment requests or allow your customers to book straight into your available slots, stress free with 24/7 self service bookings!

  • Business management tools

    From customisable consultation forms, editable weekly shift patterns, customer records, appointment reports & reminders, Cliquesy has you covered so your business is running effectively and professionally!

  • E Vouchers

    Create vouchers for your customers and sell via the app to increase revenue! Create vouchers via the app and promote to your customers to book or purchase as a gift!

  • Payment processing

    Need to streamline your payments so everything is in one place? Cliquesy has you covered! We offer flexible payment solutions to suit your business needs. Take deposits, full payments and charge no show protection fees to ensure you are paid when your customers don’t turn up!

  • unavailability

    Simply use our unavailability tool when you know you are not going to be available for bookings. Whether it be a break or weekend away you can easily block out the time in your diary so your clients cant book in the times you are unavailable.

  • Staff Shift patterns

    Choose weekly shift patterns in the app which can differ on a weekly basis depending on your opening and closing shift times giving full flexibility allowing you to adjust times daily / weekly / monthly for your client’s to book in your available times.

  • Block Customers

    We know how frustrating it can be when clients can be quite unpredictable and at times abusing your rules so we have added a block button which you can switch on and off for certain clients.

  • Reviews

    Get real life reviews after bookings have taken place and share them to your social media channels from the Cliquesy app to show everyone just how good you are at what you do!

  • No show protection

    We value your time just as much as you! With no show protection you can ensure your time is not wasted and charge a customisable fee when your clients don’t turn up

  • Marketing tools

    Keep your community in the loop when you have available appointments, offers and news with Cliquesy marketing. Send out mail and SMS blasts and share customer reviews via your social media platforms to grow your clientele.

  • Customisable colour themes

    We know how important it is to stay uniform in your business with branding colours and this is why we give you the option to choose the colour theme of your booking website to stay inline with your branding! Choose from over 10 standard colours via the app.

  • Multiple locations

    Work from here, there and everywhere? No worries! Add as many locations and opening times as you wish and we will give these options to your customers upon booking with full location details!

  • Countries available in

    United Kingdom , Ireland , Spain , Dubai , USA

  • Group bookings

  • Consultation forms

    With Cliquesy consultation forms you can use one of our standard forms or create your own via the app which can be filled out by your client upon booking an appointment with you at the salon making sure you’re covered!

  • Customisible Booking app colours

    Easily choose the colour of your booking app to match your favourite style

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