Our packages are just £17.00 per month for a single diary user. Then it's just £5.00 per month per additional staff member. (Pricing Here)

No, we do not have any hidden fees. Some of our features do have additional charges but these are completely optional to use. ( Pricing Here)

Head over to ‘Settings’ the select the ‘Payments’ options and then ‘Subscription’ you can register for your subscription and manage it here.
You can sign up to our deposit system Cliquesy Pay, this allows you to take deposits at the time of your customer making their booking. It is really flexible and you can edit each service to request a different deposit amount if required. You can find out all charges and info on Cliquesy Pay here (Cliquesy Pay )
  • To charge your client the ‘No Show Fee’ you MUST be using Cliquesy Pay and your client has to have paid their deposit at the time of booking so we can securely capture their card details.

  • To charge the ‘No Show Fee’ you can simply head into your clients appointment and click the ‘Charge No Show Fee’ button.

• Settings • Payments • Cliquesy Pay • Select the ‘Sign Up’ button and follow the steps carefully

If for any reason you need to refund a payment to your customer this has to be done outside of Cliquesy Pay. It would be a bank transfer from your banking app to your customer and completely separate from the Cliquesy app.

Should be able to cancel up to 48hrs before their appointment but then anything after the 48hrs needs to remove the option for them to cancel and just lead them directly to the business to contact and sort.

Yes, your client will receive email confirmation once they have booked and the appointment is confirmed in the dairy. Then your client will also receive a 24hr SMS reminder and an email.

All businesses and users who register with Cliquesy are given 50 SMS’s monthly. Once the monthly allowance of SMS’s has been used then it's an additional 4p per SMS after. It is completely optional if you wish to send SMS’s or not to your clients once you have gone over your allowance.

You will be billed automatically on the 1st of every month for your additional use of SMS's. You are able to see your balance at any time in the SMS section.
YES, With Cliquesy you still have full control over your diary. Your clients can only book in for appointments times which you have open. You can also block out any dates and times you need using the ‘Unavailability’ tool.
With the unavailability tool you are able to select a date and time you want to make ‘Unavailable’ meaning your clients are unable to see it to book. You can book out hour by hour, day by day, week by week or month by month. The system is really easy and flexible to use.

If you need help with anything you can always contact our team who will be available to help you.

Our app is packed full of great features which we believe are the best tools to help you manage and grow your business. You can view all of our features and how they work here.

Click this to view all appointment details
This is to cancel an appointment. When you click this it will ask you again are you sure you want to cancel.
This is what you click to accept your appointment request.
No, the app is for businesses only. Your clients can create a booking by using your booking link. Each business is issued a ‘Unique booking link’ when they register with us, this can be shared with your clients and can also be sent to all your ‘Customers’ using our ‘Marketing’ feature.
You can use the ‘Unavailability’ feature which we have to block out and days and times you would normally work but do not want clients to book. Head to your diary then click anywhere on the screen. A box will appear asking you to add an appointment or unavailability. Choose unavailability and then
Head to settings within the Cliquesy app, Business Settings then Forms. You can view any of the Generic Forms by clicking ‘View’ next to them. You can also click ‘My Forms’ and view/ Create these at any time.
  • To add a particular form to your service follow the steps below,

  • Settings

  • Business Settings

  • Services

  • Select the service you wish to add a form to

  • Scroll to the bottom were you will see the option for forms

  • The tick the box next to the form you want to attach to this service

  • Update

  • (Then when a client books this particular service they will receive the form attached to their appointment confirmation. They can click the form and fill it out then it will come back to you via email)